New Product – PR-DIGI Digital Modes Interface





At long last we are ready to launch the sale of the PR-Digi Digital Modes Interface.  Our team has designed this unique product specifically for the UV5R series radios.  Digital modes allow for the transmission of text via keyboard as well as image and text files at a variety of speeds.  Preppers can now transmit recon images as well as vital information via radio back to a home base or affiliated MAG.

We’ve kept the KISS principal too!  No extra circuitry for controlling the PTT button.   The PR-DIGI let’s the radio take care of this by taking advantage of the VOX feature.  Also, we’ve added transformer separation on both the TR and TX sides giving a clearer signal for all users.

This unit comes as a kit to make it easier to connect to your PC and radio.  We’ve included a plug n play USB sound card for those who do not have 3.5mm mic inputs or headphone outputs on their laptop.  Also, we’ve included a 3.5mm to 2.5mm adaptor to fit the Baofeng UV5Rs speaker jack.  All you need is the software to communicate in digital modes.  We have tested this with the free FLDigi program and highly recommend it.




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New Product – PR-BEB12

We have it!  Or at least the prototype.

PR-BEB12 Extended Battery Charger

Many of our customers have been asking for a 12volt charger for the Baofeng 3800mAh extended battery and we listened.  A working prototype has been tested and parts for volume production are ordered.  No other supplier of Baofeng accessories that we know of has these!  Even the Ebayers are sending out charger cables that CLAIM to fit the port on the extended battery, but they don’t.

We are making up to 100 units available for preorder at a special introductory price of only $5.00.

Get your discounted PR-BEB12 here.

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Are Amateur Radio-Based Emergency Communications Still Relevant?

From Phil McBride’s Amateur Radio Related Blog

There are many long-standing arguments within the Amateur Radio Community, and I’d have to say this one probably sits in the Top 10. It’s one of those things that every ham has a strong opinion on, from “we are the be all and end all of disaster communications planning” down to “hams who show up to emergency scenes should be arrested.” So what’s the answer? Well, like most things in life, it doesn’t lie in either of the extreme, but rather somewhere in the middle.

See the original & complete article here

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New Product – Nagoya NA771 Dual Band Antenna – Introductory Price

Prepper Radios Canada is proud to offer the Nagoya NA771 Dual Band Antenna with a special introductory price of just


The NA771 is a 39 cm long spring whip antenna that boasts 2.15db gain on 2 m and 3db gain on 70 cm.  Ultra flexible and ultra light at just 53 grams, this is the perfect aftermarket antenna for extending your range.

Price is subject to change without notice.

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Introducing The PR-91A

The PR-91A QRP Longwire Antenna Transformer uses a magnetic core transformer to bring the 450 Ohm impedance of a typical longwire antenna down to the 50 Ohm input that your QRP radio requires.  The PR-91A is equiped with a second binding post for attaching a counterpoise which protects RF from traveling along the feed line.  Small and compact, this unit travels anywhere!

The PR-91A is part of the Prepper Radios Canada exclusive product line.

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PR-Digi Release Delayed

As you know, we test EVERY product before it leaves our warehouse.  During this process, we noticed some design deficiencies in the PR-Digi digital interface.  This is not going to bring us back to the drawing board as the electronics work great, but we felt there could be some improvements to the design where the wires connecting to the UV5R and PC were concerned.

So, not wanting to send out a sub-standard product, we’ve done some re-engineering.  With these changes in mind, we hope to be offering these units for sale by June 1st.

Stay tuned for more info.

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We’ve Made Progress

We’ve been busy here at Prepper Radios Canada!  There has been lots of research going on and we have finally started building prototypes for our Prepper Radios Exclusive line of products.

First to market will be the PR-Digi, a digital interface module that will connect your Baofeng UV5R series radio to your computer for use with FLDigi.  Simply set up VOX on the radio, plug the cables into radio and computer (optional USB sound card available) and get on the air with a variety of digital modes.

We have provided audio isolation on BOTH pathways for clear, error free signals.  Instructions for connecting to your radio and computer will be included.

Expected release date: May 1, 2017

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Morse Code – Advantages and Learning

Morse code, or CW as it’s known to hams is no longer required to get your license.  You can however, get a certification for it once you have passed your basic exam.

Invented by Samuel Morse, CW took the messenger industry to task by being able to send messages instantly over a wire.  Until then, messages were limited to human carriers with a speed limited by the pace of their horses.  The alphabet, along with numbers and a few punctuations were converted to a series of dots and dashes.  A dot being 1 time unit and a dash being 3 time units.  A pause is inserted between characters and words. Continue reading

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Why We Don’t Sell The Baofeng DM5R Series

We’ve had a few customers ask us about the Baofeng DM5R radio.  The fact is, we don’t sell it, and won’t sell it for many reasons.  Most preppers want the DMR radios because they are advertised as worldwide communications.  While DMR can be used with a worldwide network of repeaters, there are two things preventing many preppers with the DM5R from doing this.

1 – Ham Licence.  In order to access the DMR repeater network, you must have an ID number, which is issued to licenced hams only.  You must provide a call sign to get one.

2 – The DM5R does not work on repeaters properly.  You would be able to listen only.

Many of you have experssed interest in them because of the encryption feature.  I cannot be more clear about this…

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Monitoring Emergency Frequencies With The UV5R

Information is the greatest asset during an emergency.  Ham radio operators love to chat with each other, and when the grid goes down, the radios power up in a big way.  Listening in on hams chatting can certainly be informative, but knowing what local authorities are doing can be invaluable!

Many emergency services such as police, fire and ambulance services communicate on frequencies out of the ham band, but very much within the capabilities of the Baofeng UV5R.

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